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Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister

Dr. McAllister served as an Advanced Certified Faculty member for the University of Phoenix teaching classes in Behavioral Science and Psychology for eleven years.

She has a Master of Social Sciences in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona and a Master of Theology from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey

A Life of Miracles

Book Of Remembrance

This book is about the miracle working power of God that has been manifested in our family. May my children, grandchildren and the generations to come - refer to this book, as a reminder of the genuine power and faithfulness of God. He is no respecter of persons - He is a respecter of faith. God instructed me through a dream showing me Psalms 78. Once I read this scripture; I understood the instructions. This book was originally written for my children, grandchildren and the generations to come - as you read it - it may sound personal and that is because it was first addressed to them. God spoke to my heart to share our testimonies of miracles with the world.

From The Blog

The Making of Mama Denise

The Making of Mama Denise is a collaboration of self-composed poetry, messages, and presentations speaking from a mother's heart. The words in this book are full of wisdom, encouragement, and foresight, creating in every reader's heart the ability to discern that giving up is not an option. From the introduction to the closing remarks, the reader will understand without a doubt that no matter how dark the night, joy will come in the morning.

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Your Work Shall Be Rewarded

Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister shares her heart throughout the pages of this book. Some areas are directly related to her personal experiences. Having gone through various trials in the church and outside of the church - this book clearly defines how we can overcome any obstacles in this walk of life. The words on the pages plainly paint the picture that sometimes our perception is really deception. You can hear the words saying when you work for God - persecution is inevitable. Yet, it produces a 100-Fold return of blessings. "Our Work Shall Be Rewarded" if we hold our course and fight the good fight of faith.

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