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How To Avoid Oversharing at Work

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

You were probably raised with the motto, “Sharing is caring.” But in the business world, sometimes it’s actually a bad thing. We’re talking about oversharing at work. Have you ever been in an elevator, mentioned it’s laundry day, and that you’ve been wearing the same socks for eleven days?

That’s a great example of sharing too much information. Every once in a while, it’s easy to let something slip. But those tiny misfires can have very real implications. Marcus Lemonis always says, “Businesses are based on relationships.” So, keep reading to make sure you share in a way that grows those relationships instead of in a way that puts them to the test.

Why Oversharing at Work Can Be Damaging

Think about all of the traits you needed to find success. Did you need to be organized? Trustworthy? Loyal? Level-headed? Strategic? Dependable? Analytical? Great news. People already think you’re all of those things. But sharing too much information can undermine your professional reputation. Let’s say you made a funny typo in a text to your HR Manager. Everyone’s having an innocent laugh. But then you add that you only made that mistake because you were texting while driving.

Why People Overshare

Sharing too much information — like a lot of mistakes — comes from a great place. Psychology Today says it’s often an attempt to fast-track a relationship. You’re hoping to let people in, establish yourself as an open and honest person, and create a bond.

You also see people oversharing at work because they’re having a human moment. Sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on. You even see people cross the line when they’re trying to make someone else comfortable. The thing is, sometimes it ends up doing the opposite.


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