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Respecting Boundaries

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Is it Respect, Rejection, Retaliation or Retreat when people set up boundaries?

I found an interesting article on Boundaries.

My take on this subject is first of all ask questions. Why are these boundaries being enforced?

Is it personal? Is the individual stable and healthy mentally? Is it a temporary situation due to preparation for an upcoming event, interview or study path?

Once we have established the reason for the boundaries, it is important not to take it personal. If you have a need for the type of collaboration that is setting up boundaries maybe what you desire is with someone else or another path.  

Never allow a persons’ perspective of themselves change the authentic you. Our steps are divinely ordered.

Therefore, realize your purpose will happen. Those who are with you and for you will not alter their position in your life. If they do their ultimate purpose may have been self centered, selfish or “times-up”.

Nevertheless, respect the boundaries and see what becomes of it. If someone is meant to be in your life and purpose it will happen and there’s no need to force the issue.

That’s my take. I welcome your comments.

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